GanbaWhoby is a little game to test your ability to recognize individual singers in μ's and Aqours songs. If you have never heard of Love Live! before, check out the Wikia page.

How to play

  1. Select a song from the menu on the left
  2. As the song plays, the time slots in the bottom will be highlighted. When a slot is highlighted, that (normally) means a single member, subunit, or year group is singing that portion
  3. Select who you think is singing
  4. When you're done guessing choosing, click the Check button
  5. You may try as many times as you like until you get them all


Click the Autoscroll button to toggle automatic scrolling on slot activation.

Click the Themed button to enable/disable special color themes that some songs have.

Click the Reveal button to reveal all of the answers, if you just want a singer reference without playing.

You can also choose the difficulty for some songs. Toggling a higher difficulty will reveal additional time slots that are not guaranteed to be either a solo, a subunit, or a year group (i.e. any combination is fair game). However, there will never be any slots where everyone in the song is singing (e.g. for a 2nd year song, there will never be an answer where it's all three 2nd years). Also, slots in Hard or Insane mode may not be completely accurate, because nobody knows for sure who sang what until the songs are performed live.

There are a few keyboard controls:

  • space: toggle play/pause
  • left: move backwards 2 seconds
  • right: move forwards 2 seconds
  • c: check answers
  • ctrl+alt+a: toggle global reveal


For some songs, you can click the Lyrics button on the top-right to enable lyrics mode, which shows the romaji of the current line being sung. If the line is sung solo, and the corresponding time slot is answered correctly or is revealed, the highlight will be color-coded. In full lyrics mode, the regular game controls/status are replaced by buttons like Download, which lets you download the lyrics of the song in ASS format.


  • throwaway93257 for help in voice identification. This game would not be possible without his help. Check out his music primers for indepth Aqours song analyses!
  • chaos_inferno for contributing Aqours mappings and various μ's mappings
  • Love Live CCL for their work in μ's and Aqours identification
  • Love Live! Wikia for the lyrics reference


GanbaWhoby requires IE 9 (preferably 10) or a relatively modern version of Firefox or Chrome.


Direct all bug reports, questions, concerns, and complaints to gacha4life